Youth Classes

Our youth dance program starts in the Fall ends with a recital in June. Students work on a variety of dance styles such as Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop, and Jazz.

Our Mission Statement: At Calista Marie’s we encourage a positive dancing environment in which student creativity and team work are the core of our dance program. We strive to give each dancer an opportunity to feel confident and full of pride in their dance ability and as an individual. All of the students hear are part of a “dancing family’ and we truly enjoy making a connection with each student through dancing.

Behavior Expectations: All dancers are expected to maintain a positive, respectful and mature attitude toward themselves, other dancers, and instructors. Poor behavior will not be tolerated.

Dress Code: All Ballet dancers are required to wear a leotard and tights. No pants or baggy attire. Warm up clothing is acceptable. All Jazz and Tap dancers are required to wear an appropriate top, shorts, or pants. NO jean clothing of any kind is allowed. Please make sure your dancer comes prepared with proper shoes and clothing.

Attendance Policy: Dancers are required to attend class each week. The choreography is put together with everyone in mind and each stunt plays an important role. Please call if your dancer will not be able to attend class. If your dancer will be be attending class due to other obligations or illness, etc, you will still be charged for that class. However, if class is cancelled due to weather conditions or other reasons, you will not be charged for that class. Additionally, You will receive notification of class cancelations.

Class Cancellations: If Ludington Area Schools calls for a snow day, classes will automatically be cancelled for that day. HOliday breaks will also coincide with the Ludington Area Schools Schedule. Any in-service days or half days for conferences DO NOT result in class being cancelled.

Payment Schedule: All payments are due the first class of each moth. There is a 10% discount given for paying 3 months of lessons in advance and a 15% discount given for paying the entire year of lessons in advance. In the month of December we will begin ordering costumes for the performances in June. You will be given a 3 month payment schedule to break down the cost of costumes. In December, January, and February those payments will be due along with the monthly lesson fees. Once costume have been ordered, there are absolutely no refunds.

Pick Up and Drop Off Policy: Once class is dismissed, students are required to remain inside the dance studio until they are picked up. The only people allowed to pick up or drop off your student will be listed on the “Student Information Sheet” that will be filled out on the first week of classes. This policy is in place to ensure all students are arriving to dance class safely and returning home the same way.